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P.P. India Feedback

P. P.


“When selecting Colocation, one has to be very cautious and have to consider many aspects but in the case of ColoXchange, you need not to worry. They are the best. They are the best in the services and their price is unbeatable. Most of the large data centers treat you as a captive customer once you become their customer, with ColoXchange they treat you like a King. The customer is the King rightly implemented at ColoXchange. We love you guys. Keep the good work and our best wishes with you.”

N.C. Dominican Republic Feedback

"In these modern times, you will find many options for data centers, but Colo X will stand up because of their modern facilities and a staff that in many cases will go beyond the routine to fulfill any task. We can provide our customers reliable connectivity across the globe without mentioning the 100%uptime and stability offered."

N. C.

Dominican Republic

M.S. Manila Feedback

M. S.  Manila


"Over the past eight years (and counting), ColoXchange has been a solid foundation of Cirrrusnet International's operations and growth. The stead fast and extremely consistent services from ColoXchange consistently drives the business moving forward. And with its latest transformation & innovation, evenour end-customers are feeling/experiencing the seamless positive changes. But the differentiator of ColoXchange is the professionalism of the people behind the company. Very professional ... yet very personal with a top-notch customer service. This is how I describe my on-going journey with ColoXchange. And in business, you can't put any more premium than that. Onto the nextstep."

T.T Los Angeles CA Feedback

"ColoXchange has been reliable colocation partner of ours for many years now. When we needed a data center with high availability , we knew we could depend on ColoXchange."

Los Angeles, CA

D.A. Denver Colorado Feedback

"We truly appreciated the customer service we received from ColoXchange staff members. They went above and beyond expectations during our data center migration from Los Angeles to Las Vegas."


Denver, Colorado

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