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We are a business partner. Our customer-focused team of highly-skilled, responsive members bring flexibility, value, experience, and knowledge to our colocation and hosting clients.
Coloxchange offers state-of-art top tier customizable solutions anchored by two service pillars:


Within our service pillars, we offer full flexibility, allowing you to choose the most appropriate solution, including full cabinets, partial cabinets, and virtual servers, among many other computing environments.

Power Room 1_edited.jpg


With our Colocation solution, customers enjoy the ability to choose from our solutions offering a range of power, space, bandwidth, and support options.

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With our Hosting solution, customers choose servers with their choice of operating systems and enjoy a highly customizable infrastructure that allows for full control of hardware resources at the industry’s most competitive economics.

  Redundant. Secure. Always On


In some cases, a single outage can cost a company millions of dollars in expense or lost revenue. ColoXchange is has the redundancies in network, power sources, and cooling to significantly minimize downtime. We have designed our infrastructure to function optimally, even in an event of a natural or physical disaster. Redundancy or reduced downtime benefits businesses of all sizes.


ColoXchange has an on-site IT support team that monitors facilities and network 24/7/365. Support engineers are on-site to provide technical assistance and can function as remote hands. ColoXchange ensures site security with state-of-the-art implementation of equipment and processes including CCTV, dual factor access control systems, and vehicle access barriers.

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