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ColoXchange Operational Locations


Our Mission.

ColoXChange provides a high-performance environment for your critical IT infrastructure. Customers benefit from a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement, allowing them to focus on their core business rather than managing complications of operating a data center. Additionally, colocation provides dedicated, private connection options to multiple networks and service providers to help streamline your business requirements.

ColoXchange Data Centers

Our Vision.

Small and mid-sized organization should have affordable, state-of-the-art colocation and hosting options with world class service.

Data Centers ColoXchange
Why us

Why Us.

Flexibility, Reliability and Affordability ◉ Additional to best-in-class customer support, Coloxchange offers the industry’s most secure and redundant computing environment offerings with a competitive price model.

Always On. We are staffed 24 x 7 x 365 ◉ ColoXchange staff is available for Remote Hands for customers who require on-site support. In a Remote Hands setting, Customers take advantage of data center engineers for troubleshooting and maintenance support. Remote Hands services are available on-demand for technical and non-technical assistance. ◉ ColoXchange data centers are fully ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-B cabling standards compliant.

Physical Security ◉ State of the Art Card Access System. HID Readers with 128bit encryption Dual Factor Authentication-Card Access and PIN Required for access throughout the facility. ◉ Video Surveillance-Cameras monitoring perimeter and interior data center to help us monitor physical access throughout the facility. ◉ Our main entrance and additional locations throughout our data center require the use of a personalized security badge and PIN for access. ◉ Two-factor access authentication and ManTrap at our facility to manage physical access, along with user-based permissions and managed security zones.

Adaptive Bandwidth ◉ Juniper Powered Network. ◉ Redundant Juniper Core Routers and Switches. ◉ Multiple Network Providers over diverse paths-We offer multi-provider blended bandwidth solutions for our customer’s needs. Our connections range from 10G, 40G to 100G from multiple providers. ◉ Customers can scale as needed. We offer 10G Copper as well as Fiber to accommodate your connectivity needs. Customers can scale from 100M to 10G or higher seamlessly. ◉ We offer interconnection solutions ranging from physical connectivity within the data center as well as virtual options available through our Software Defined Networking (SDN) partners, for cost-effective connectivity to meet your requirements.

Redundant Environmental Systems ◉ N+1 on Power-We offer 120/208V Power Requirements as needed by customers ◉ N+1 on Cooling-Redundant Liebert 30-Ton CRAC Units ◉ Redundant State of the Art Toshiba UPS’s with Battery Back-Up to ensure redundancy for your critical needs. ◉ Caterpillar 1MW Generator with 72 Hour Fuel Storage.

Data Center (State-Of-The-Art) ◉ Lockable Full Cabinets-Cabinets are Pre-Wired with copper and fiber for quick and easy turn-ups. (All cabinets are combination/key locked and CCTV monitored). ◉ Dedicated, Lockable, Isolated ½ Cabinets. ◉ Shared Cabinets allows for customers with requirements for hosting a single server with minimal expense. ◉ State of the Art Automated Logic Building Management Systems and providing monitoring redundancies for our data center, power, cooling, and physical infrastructure. ◉ Raised Floor Data Center Environment with Hot-Isle Containment. ◉ New Fire Detection System with FM200 Fire Suppression and Dual Pre-Action Dry Pipe system.

Our Partners.

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